Blue Sky Black Death

Sleeping children are still flying while your waking up from your blurred out weekend. Snapshots and smiles. Very well crafted, the more I listen the more I like it. They also did a screwed and chopped version of the CD, its fucking heat.

DOWNNLOAD Screwed and Chopped
Blue Sky Black Death

B-Ju Minor Works

From German producer B-Ju comes Minor Works; glitchy, funky goodness. The overall tone is on some hip-hop drums with tons of glitched out ambient soundscapes. Elements of jazz, funk, rap and electronica all blend together into one nice sound.


DU Morning – A Mix

I was consistently listening to some of the same songs in the morning and this happened, 18 tracks to Wake Yo Ass Up in Du Morning. Enjoy

1 Jay Electronica – I Feel Good
2 Hot Chip – Hold on
3 Hudson Mohawke – Polkadot Blues
4 Intuition & VerBS – Hip Ties (Prod. by Alpha MC)
5 Late Night Radio – Morning Music
6 Mos Def – Sunshine
7 Parov Stelar – The Paris Swing Box
8 Jay Electronica – Shiny Suit Theory Ft. Jay-Z
9 Gramatik – So Much for Love
10 The Notorious BIG & The XX – Basic Hypnosis
11 Tyler, the Creator – VCR
12 Cities Aviv – Meet Me on Montrose
13 Malcolm Mclaren – About Her
14 Parov Stelar – On My Way Now (Love, Pt. 2)
15 Gramatik – While I was Playin’ Fair
16 Pearl Jam – No Way
17 Knxwledge – Tension
18 Vanilla – Good Times


Savath & Savalas

Download – Apropa’t

Download – La Llama

From electronic hip-hop and lo-fi producer Guillermo Scott Herren, better known as Prefuse 73, comes his side project Savath & Savalas. Downtempo, atmospheric and ambient. It sounds like waking up next to a beautiful woman on a Sunday morning, in Spain and then having her sing to you for a week. This is some of the most relaxing, soothing headphone music I own, and since most of the lyrics are in Spanish you can really zone out. Herren makes use of natural samples like waves, and people walking around the kitchen to create soundscapes and some tight tracks.

The Hi-Hat Club

For the past few years Melting Pot Music has teamed up with photographer Robert Winter to bring you the freshest installment of European hip-hop producers. Each LP release in the Hi-Hat Club series includes a book of photos and an accompanying showcase usually in Berlin, Germany. The Hi-Hat Club is made up of beat makers from around western Europe, showing their take on downtempo hip-hop. A great compilation by some very talented producers.

Vol. 1 Testiculo Y Uno – Download
This first volume of the Hi-Hat series features producers Hulk Hodn and Twit One, two of the biggest names in the burgeoning Cologne, Germany hip-hop scene.

Vol. 2 Suff Daddy – Suff Draft Download
With samples from B.I.G. to the Isley brothers, you can tell Suff daddy has his American music down. Nice drum driven beats over some melodic synths. Suff means “drinking heavy” in German, now based in Berlin, he grew up listening to 90s American rap and his music shows the influence.

Vol. 3 Dexter – The Jazz Files Download
With volume 3 German producer Dexter shows his love for jazzstrumentals. Using old jazz records and samples from the NBC program “The subject is jazz” with new drums, he creates a timeless beattape.

Vol. 4 Brenk & Fid Mella – Chop Shop Download
Starting off with a Trey the Truth sample Brenk and Fid Mella bring a new style of production to the series. The Chop Shop is soulful and banging with elements of glitch and electronica that the other LPs lack. Fid Mella is originally from Meran, Italy but now lives in Vienna with Brenk. They are doing work with a ton of MCs look for more to come.


Download – Acid Massive Musical
Hailing from Oxnard, Cali and the deep blunted basement of high school friend Madlib comes Kankick, born from the same downtempo big beat, Dilla inspired hip-hop. Something about Oxnard makes people wanna roll up, sit back and drop some soulful instrumental hip-hop. Kankick started out as a member of the Lootpack along with Madlib, Wild Child, and DJ Romes. He later split and formed the Funk Farm, which also included DJ Babu (Dilated/Beat Junkies). He has the genre to a tee; drum dominant and soul sampling, but he expands on parts and is smoother around the edges, making it accessible to the masses. His songs, mostly all under 3 min, are creations in themselves, many of them having the weight to create much longer tracks with a verse or two. Acid Massive Musical flows well as an album, like sampling a record collection with a drum kit, but with so much more inflection and composition than any radio rap.


Download – Serious Business This!

Chris Joss – You’ve Been Spiked


Here’s some funky downtempo from frenchman Chris Joss. For some reason, I feel like this belongs in a Guy Ritchie movie.

Chris Joss – You’ve Been Spiked

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