Stunt Rock – Regret Instruction Manuals

Walking home from my group psychotherapy class lead by our breakbeat/drum and bass producing therapist, I hear the multitude of voices, ideas, and goals of my fellow victims. I tread along the bridge looking at times toward the water and others at the countless struggles for life passing me by on the street. I told myself we’d get past this; I told myself we’ve moved on but I can’t escape it. The water looks so peaceful, every time I go in there its regret and empathy. The drums of the street can get so loud the only escape, the car hit a biker and this cracks me up, the nothing. All their goals and struggles make our lives I guess, but will that matter, did it, all I can see is the fish.

So if standing on a bridge about to end it, I think this music will either make you jump or smile at the small things in life that after all are small things in life. Gotta cop #2.

Instruction Manual 1
Instruction Manual 2
Instruction Manual 2

Stunt Rock

Renegades of Jazz

First album from the newly formed Renegades of Jazz and its on some hot shit. If Parov Stelar is electro swing this has to be called electro cool bop meaning electronically produced music that samples real bop and cool era jazz with new instrumentation and uptempo drums. Think less swing breaks and more piano solos and guitar riffs, more improv less melody. The Renegades take you through all types of popular jazz such as big band, bop, cool, salsa and fusion. Even soulful shit like this track You Better Run. Look out for a live 9 piece band to be touring in 2012.


Lanu – Her 12 Faces

12 faces like 12 sides of a shape, thats right a dodecagon, look it up. Each one of the tracks on this CD are like a uniquely colored side to this shape that im now calling Lanu. Songs like Fall a poppy vocal track are layered in between 1988 and Portrait in 50hz two instrumental progressive hip hop tracks with a nasty baseline. Then you got straight downtempo chilled out tracks like The Coral Route, feels like a beach. The folksy Roosevelt Blues sounds like it belongs on a completely different album, but as a whole it works. Singer Megan Washington is featured on a few tracks and her voice is extremely catchy. This CD really just shows the multifaceted stylings of good producer.


B-Ju Minor Works

From German producer B-Ju comes Minor Works; glitchy, funky goodness. The overall tone is on some hip-hop drums with tons of glitched out ambient soundscapes. Elements of jazz, funk, rap and electronica all blend together into one nice sound.


Parov Stelar

Download – Daylight
Remember that song “Swing Set” by Jurassic 5, the last song on the album Quality Control, when I first heard that song it sparked in me a curiosity and appeal for swing music over a hip-hop drum beat that was never fully satisfied until I heard Parov Stelar. Parov Stelar is the production name of Marcus F├╝reder (born November 27, 1974). He lives and records in Linz, Austria. He stared out as a DJ but around 2000 began producing his own music under his newly found label Etage Noir Recordings. With the single KissKiss and the following LP Rough Cuts Parov exploded onto the international electronic scene. This first release was an acid-jazz downtempo lounge album, except for the track KissKiss that started to demonstrate the new style Parov had created.

He has taken swing music and added drums, bass and vocals to create something completely original. All I know is that when I heard it, it was like nothing I had ever heard before. People call it Nu-Jazz or house but I’ve never heard any house music use a clarinet, bassoon or oboe. He has been attributed with creating a new genre aptly named electro-swing. Around the albums Shine and Daylight Parov had mastered his genre; deep bass sythns, hit-hat drums, horns and soulful vocals by everyone from sexy French women, Beate Baumgartner (Yola B), to British rappers (Blacktronics). Download – Coco

By the release of The Paris Swing Box the tempo is higher, the music is dancier and there are less breaks, but the swing is still there, like walking around a crazy european city on a headful of acid, while listening to a 40s music montage. When they perform live it is with a full band; drums, bass, horns, vocals and Parov behind the tables. He also does DJ sets with Max the Sax on horns. There is no other band I would rather see live right now. Download – Paris Swing Box

Tyler the Creator – Bastard


I’m going to tell you a story, a story about rebellion, violence, reality – you know, what hip-hop used to be about before “40 year old rappers talkin bout gucci, when they have kids they havent seen in years” took over. A bedtime story about the carved carcases in the basement, the blow in my throat and cutting my wrists and playing piano. But also about gettin laid, skating and gettin drunk. Shit…life.

Thats what Tyler the Creator does in his new album Bastard. Odd Future is the most unique new rap group I have heard in years, and these kids are all 18. I will be really happy if popular rap takes a turn like this. Tyler has a commanding delivery, the first track really sounds like an evil bedtime story, but he kills it every way. His word play is raw, intelligent, socially relevant and hilarious all at the same time. Kanye, were coming for your head now go to sleep bitch.

Late Night Radio – The Upside of Down

All the studio time the kid was putting in, I was wondering when we were going to hear his next EP. Well, it dropped this week, along with the announcement that he will be playing at the storied Cervantes Ballroom before Phish’s three night run in Denver. If you’re heading up for Phish, go a night early. The kid is playing at 9pm on Thursday night, September 1. If you live in Denver, you already know what’s up.

As for the album, it’s six tracks of electronic heat, glossed with some funky soul. I like how LNR never gets too crazy with his music. Sure, he goes on some exploratory, 30 second tangents that make the girls want to shake their asses, but his songs never deviate from the core beat – they keep your head nodding from start to finish. Aptly named The Upside of Down, this EP is a sample of LNR’s uptempo ability, a preview of what you might hear at Cervantes.


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