Blue Sky Black Death

Sleeping children are still flying while your waking up from your blurred out weekend. Snapshots and smiles. Very well crafted, the more I listen the more I like it. They also did a screwed and chopped version of the CD, its fucking heat.

DOWNNLOAD Screwed and Chopped
Blue Sky Black Death

MuteMath – Odd Soul

Hey more new rock, yay this genre is still existing and evolving.


Stunt Rock – Regret Instruction Manuals

Walking home from my group psychotherapy class lead by our breakbeat/drum and bass producing therapist, I hear the multitude of voices, ideas, and goals of my fellow victims. I tread along the bridge looking at times toward the water and others at the countless struggles for life passing me by on the street. I told myself we’d get past this; I told myself we’ve moved on but I can’t escape it. The water looks so peaceful, every time I go in there its regret and empathy. The drums of the street can get so loud the only escape, the car hit a biker and this cracks me up, the nothing. All their goals and struggles make our lives I guess, but will that matter, did it, all I can see is the fish.

So if standing on a bridge about to end it, I think this music will either make you jump or smile at the small things in life that after all are small things in life. Gotta cop #2.

Instruction Manual 1
Instruction Manual 2
Instruction Manual 2

Stunt Rock

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