Renegades of Jazz

First album from the newly formed Renegades of Jazz and its on some hot shit. If Parov Stelar is electro swing this has to be called electro cool bop meaning electronically produced music that samples real bop and cool era jazz with new instrumentation and uptempo drums. Think less swing breaks and more piano solos and guitar riffs, more improv less melody. The Renegades take you through all types of popular jazz such as big band, bop, cool, salsa and fusion. Even soulful shit like this track You Better Run. Look out for a live 9 piece band to be touring in 2012.


9th Wonder

The Little Brother producer and Justice League Frontman 9th Wonder brings you his first solo album featuring a ton of big name MCs like Raekwon, Talib Kweli, Murs, Saigon, and Warren G,.


Lanu – Her 12 Faces

12 faces like 12 sides of a shape, thats right a dodecagon, look it up. Each one of the tracks on this CD are like a uniquely colored side to this shape that im now calling Lanu. Songs like Fall a poppy vocal track are layered in between 1988 and Portrait in 50hz two instrumental progressive hip hop tracks with a nasty baseline. Then you got straight downtempo chilled out tracks like The Coral Route, feels like a beach. The folksy Roosevelt Blues sounds like it belongs on a completely different album, but as a whole it works. Singer Megan Washington is featured on a few tracks and her voice is extremely catchy. This CD really just shows the multifaceted stylings of good producer.


B-Ju Minor Works

From German producer B-Ju comes Minor Works; glitchy, funky goodness. The overall tone is on some hip-hop drums with tons of glitched out ambient soundscapes. Elements of jazz, funk, rap and electronica all blend together into one nice sound.


DU Morning – A Mix

I was consistently listening to some of the same songs in the morning and this happened, 18 tracks to Wake Yo Ass Up in Du Morning. Enjoy

1 Jay Electronica – I Feel Good
2 Hot Chip – Hold on
3 Hudson Mohawke – Polkadot Blues
4 Intuition & VerBS – Hip Ties (Prod. by Alpha MC)
5 Late Night Radio – Morning Music
6 Mos Def – Sunshine
7 Parov Stelar – The Paris Swing Box
8 Jay Electronica – Shiny Suit Theory Ft. Jay-Z
9 Gramatik – So Much for Love
10 The Notorious BIG & The XX – Basic Hypnosis
11 Tyler, the Creator – VCR
12 Cities Aviv – Meet Me on Montrose
13 Malcolm Mclaren – About Her
14 Parov Stelar – On My Way Now (Love, Pt. 2)
15 Gramatik – While I was Playin’ Fair
16 Pearl Jam – No Way
17 Knxwledge – Tension
18 Vanilla – Good Times


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