Parov Stelar

Download – Daylight
Remember that song “Swing Set” by Jurassic 5, the last song on the album Quality Control, when I first heard that song it sparked in me a curiosity and appeal for swing music over a hip-hop drum beat that was never fully satisfied until I heard Parov Stelar. Parov Stelar is the production name of Marcus Füreder (born November 27, 1974). He lives and records in Linz, Austria. He stared out as a DJ but around 2000 began producing his own music under his newly found label Etage Noir Recordings. With the single KissKiss and the following LP Rough Cuts Parov exploded onto the international electronic scene. This first release was an acid-jazz downtempo lounge album, except for the track KissKiss that started to demonstrate the new style Parov had created.

He has taken swing music and added drums, bass and vocals to create something completely original. All I know is that when I heard it, it was like nothing I had ever heard before. People call it Nu-Jazz or house but I’ve never heard any house music use a clarinet, bassoon or oboe. He has been attributed with creating a new genre aptly named electro-swing. Around the albums Shine and Daylight Parov had mastered his genre; deep bass sythns, hit-hat drums, horns and soulful vocals by everyone from sexy French women, Beate Baumgartner (Yola B), to British rappers (Blacktronics). Download – Coco

By the release of The Paris Swing Box the tempo is higher, the music is dancier and there are less breaks, but the swing is still there, like walking around a crazy european city on a headful of acid, while listening to a 40s music montage. When they perform live it is with a full band; drums, bass, horns, vocals and Parov behind the tables. He also does DJ sets with Max the Sax on horns. There is no other band I would rather see live right now. Download – Paris Swing Box

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