Late Night Radio – The Upside of Down

All the studio time the kid was putting in, I was wondering when we were going to hear his next EP. Well, it dropped this week, along with the announcement that he will be playing at the storied Cervantes Ballroom before Phish’s three night run in Denver. If you’re heading up for Phish, go a night early. The kid is playing at 9pm on Thursday night, September 1. If you live in Denver, you already know what’s up.

As for the album, it’s six tracks of electronic heat, glossed with some funky soul. I like how LNR never gets too crazy with his music. Sure, he goes on some exploratory, 30 second tangents that make the girls want to shake their asses, but his songs never deviate from the core beat – they keep your head nodding from start to finish. Aptly named The Upside of Down, this EP is a sample of LNR’s uptempo ability, a preview of what you might hear at Cervantes.


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