Portugal is the Man

I grew up listening to classic rock. I knew everything; all the super groups, side projects and solos artists. I know more about classic rock than your hippy father, bet. However I am rarely spurred to write about current rock bands. Sure I love the Black Keys and My Morning Jacket but there is so much mundane rock music out there I get lost in the swamp and just end up bumping some Blockhead or rap. But for the last week I have been steady playing this new Portugal the Man album In the Mountain in the Cloud. Somehow its new and refreshing although familiar. They kinda sound like MGMT or Passion Pit, with the same high-pitched voice that can instantly turn some people off. I dig it, almost in a guilty way, you would find me singing Got it all in the shower, if you yelled at me I might stop, but when you left, I be singin again. Their sound is dynamic, lots of layered sythns give a lot of depth to the band.

Download – In the Mountain in the Cloud


Download – American Ghetto

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