Odd Future Rap

Odd Future is a collective group of rappers and producers from LA consisting of Earl Sweatshirt, Tyler the Creator, Left Brain and others. They have a music label and skate label amongst other things.

Earl Sweatshirt is so damn raw, he raps about fighting, smoking blunts, skating, getting drunk and fucking bitches, but in the most unconventional way. He is too violent for radio and the mainstream rappers who do rap about typical things like fucking bitches. He is young (16) and immature but his style is so refined, he spits it fast, slow, to off note beats and simple ones. Compared to other rappers on the tracks he takes such command, his voice sticks out so well. His flow is wordy, off beat and lyrical, not to mention vulgar, eat a dick, he talks about mutilating bitches on every track. His delivery is almost talk rap but he has such control on time, anyone who was a punk as a kid can identify with his lyrics. The beats are simple and powerful, with basic drum kits and a lot of bass and at times like Stapleton melodic. But they back up the vocals so well they are necessary. Earl is in with the Odd Future crew but after they blew up last spring he went to boarding school in Samoa, hopefully soon to be back.



Mellowhype are rapper Hodgy Beats and Left Brain from the Odd Future label as well. You can tell that this group is in the same crew as Earl, but the raps don’t stand out as much. Hodgy is rapping about the same shit but, like the beats, his delivery and flow is calmer and more refined. The production is better than Earls. While he occasionally spits the off beat talk flow, he normally sticks to a standard sing song rap. He switches up his style and does show some skill, he gives a shout out to Houston syrup sippers on the first track, and this does show on some of the beats as well.



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