>Akron/Family Marquis Theater Denver 3/29/10


I got to the Marquis theater, a place I had always seen ass packed out the door and never knew why. I checked the crowd and noticed I left my flannel and black jeans at home, ok lie I’ve never owned a pair of black jeans or a flannel, So immediately I stood out in my forces and flatbill. Me and my buddy were the nerds here. But the $5 PBR tall boys allowed everyone to be a hipster for the night.

The crowd of people watching was epic in some circumstances. It was like raging with all those weirdos from theater class, so this is where they party hu? Old guys dancing with each other, girls bouncing off the walls. Dudes seemed all hard but then they turn their head and you notice they have earphones in? I guess they want to be able to listen to emo long into their 80s’ with all the smoking I do I plan to be dead way before my ears go.

They had strange show etiquette I never heard ‘excuse me’ so much. People got offended if you danced into them, but they had no problem waving their grotesque armpits about. People stunk worse than some of the Phish shows I’ve been to, here they just didn’t cover it up with patchouli.

But in all reality they fucking ripped it, I don’t go to concerts for the crowds. I was really impressed by Akron/Family. It was like discovering this whole other genre of music that rages it and has been for a minute. The music is hard rock and folk, not much melody or rhythm overall but some of the segues they get into had me head banging like the first time I heard heavy metal in the early 90s. The music was truly psychedelic, a cacophony of harmonious sound. A lot of improvised jams all created on stage. The guitarist was making sounds and textures by manipulating his foot pedals by hand, which he had on a nearby table. A lot of effects and feedback really gave them a huge sound for three dudes. All of the loops were done on stage from cowbells to hand claps. The guitarist also had a special mike that he would create distorted vocal effects with.

The band was really energetic the bassist and guitarist both jumped into the crowed during the vocal jam of Another Sky, from the crowd they walked around banging drum sticks on anything that resonated. They had the ability to get the whole crowd jumping and the entire crowd silent during their slow traditional folk songs, which often broke into hard/progressive rock jams. Definitely a show worth seeing.

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