>Big Boi- New Releases

1. Feel Me (Intro) (Produced By Malay)
2. Daddy Fat Sax (Produced By Mr. DJ)
3. Turns Me On Ft. Sleepy Brown And Joi (Produced By Organized Noize)
4. Follow Us Ft. Vonnegutt (Produced By Salaam Remi)
5. Shutterbug Ft. Cutty (Produced By Scott Storch Co-Produced By Big Boi)
6. General Patton (Produced By Jbeatzz And Big Boi)
7. Tangerine Ft. T.I. And Khujo Goodie (Produced By Knightheet And Big Boi)
8. You Ain’t No DJ Ft. Yelawolf (Produced By Andre 3000)
9. Hustle Blood Ft. Jamie Foxx (Produced By Lil’ Jon)
10. Be Still Ft. Janelle Monae (Produced By Royal Flush)
11. Fo Yo Sorrows Ft. George Clinton, Too Short And Sam Chris (Produced By Organized Noize)
12. Night Night Ft. B.o.B. And Joi (Produced By DJ Speedy Co-Produced By Big Boi)
13. Shine Blockas Ft. Gucci Mane (Produced By DJ Cutmaster Swiff Co-Produced By Big Boi)
14. The Train Pt. 2 (Sir Lucious Left Foot Saves The Day) Ft. Sam Chris (Produced By Organized Noize)
15. Back Up Plan (Produced By Organized Noize Co-Produced By Big Boi)

1 – Follow Us [World Premiere]
2 – Backup Plan [World Premiere]
3 – Lookin’ For Ya Feat. Andre 3000 & Sleepy Brown
4 – General Patton
5 – Shutterbug [New Single]
6 – Chicken N Birds
7 – Tangerine Feat. T.I.
8 – Dubbz
9 – Tightrope Feat. Janelle Monae
10 – Shine Blockaz
11 – For Your Sorrows Feat. Too Short & George Clinton
12 – Nothin� On You Feat. B.O.B. & Bruno Mars
13 – Ringtone
14 – Royal Flush Feat. Andre 3000 & Raekwon
15 – Magnificent Feat. Rick Ross & John Legend
16 – She Got A Friend
17 – H.A.T.E.U.
18 – Something’s Gotta Give Feat. Mary J. Blige


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