>Clipse – Till the Casket Drops


I’ve been waiting on this one for awhile. After the first few singles including “Kinda like a big Deal” dropped I was pissed both at Clipse and Kanye for getting involved. I just found this one for download. Listening now hoping it will be up there with Clipse’s other major releases Lord Willin and Hell Hath no Furry. Review to follow in a few days.


Been bumpin this diet coke for a few days now and finally getting a feel for it. Starts off with a soulful vocal sample, a nice intro song, but its followed by two of the horrid pop songs on the album “Popular Demand” and the over hyped “Kinda like a big deal”. Pusha T and Malice seem a lil too cocky even for themselves on these first two, I just really hate how they sound with Cam’ron and Kanye. Their styles are too conflicting and Kanye’s influence ruins the track. They rip on Common a lot for his love of hip-hop and how that whore has been exploited with the same lame raps. His last album did suck but they are walking that line as well with repetitive lines about yak, money and hoes. I definitely get the felling Clipse has lost the unique swagger they had back in the day. “I’m Good” finally reminds me of their classic style, with Pharrell dropping the snare and singin the hook, here the album picks up. A lot of verses on the album seem to be just going through the motions. They rap as though everyone in the world was eagerly awaiting their release, I think a lot of fans were let down. All of the guest features just take away from the definitive raps that Pusha T and Malice became known for. Too many pop tunes and too many guest producers made the album lack a consistent sound like their last two. Stick to the Neptunes and stop working with Kanye, look what he did to Common mang. “Eyes on Me” and the following track “Counselling” got on my nerves and required a next song after too many chorus hooks, a lot of the beats were just bad. The end of the album has a few uplifting rap songs, that have cheesy hooks but some decent verses. Clipse has definitely matured on this album and I’m not sure thats a good thing in terms of rap. Now they promote their clothing line and worry about their kids instead of spitin bout straight slangin yolla. I think they were trying to appeal to a wider audience, and that shit just didn’t sound right.

Clipse- Hell Hath no Fury A great Clipse CD

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