>UGK and Z-Ro Discography

>While looking around for that new Heroin I stumbled upon these two blogs that have almost the entire UGK and Z-Ro catalogues for free download. Check it.

UGK and Z-Ro

Also check out this new single off Ro’s mixtape Cocaine, set to release before Heroin, with some tracks from the never made Cracc Mixtape.

2 Responses to >UGK and Z-Ro Discography

  1. jésus says:

    >That track was the heat. But I need to let 'Ro know something, you don't want to have vision like Vince Young. Helen Keller could read a defense better than him.

  2. Anonymous says:

    >Boo @ downloading music, boo. Support your local artist, don't bootleg. Boo this i say.

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