>On the Horizon

As the summer season and the concerts at red rocks start to fade into fall I am reminded of things to come. Other than a muddy snow season I am hoping that Colorado is home to some more amazing music this winter. The String Cheese Incident reunited this summer at Rothbury and will be doing a 2009 Winter Carnival in the Denver and rocky mountain area.

Sadly these past few weeks of concert going have left me little to write about. This past week I saw shows by Clipse, Mos Def and Ween. After about 5 songs, including Bananas and Blow, which they seemingly ran through, Ween finally got into the show. I moved around the amphitheater for awhile before I found an area with sound quality up to my standards, and women cute enough to watch dance. The show continued without a set break and they finally started to play some songs I like. Spinal Minigitious and Transdermal Celebration are two of their rock songs which I really enjoy. The lyrics to many of their songs are darkly humorous, such as Your Party and Zoloft; in which they constantly spell out the anti-depressant. (Check out late night handle remix) They encored with Roses are Free, it reminded me of seeing Phish at red rocks this past July, its been a good summer. One thing I will give them credit for is the fan base, most Ween fans I have met are very die hard, all or nothing type of band. For $45 and a slow intro it might take me awhile to join this tour. Four cups recommended.

Although I get to frequent a lot of concerts, the next one I actually care about is the Disco Biscuits at Stubbs BBQ on Saturday Sep. 19th. I have seen them a few times this year and they bring the absolute heat to any venue they play. In terms of electronic jam bands these guys are the zenith. I can guarantee you there will be more energy and pure rage outside of Stubbs BBQ than inside Darryl K Memorial stadium. Expect to see a lot of you there.

Another big event to come is Phish’s three day festival this Halloween. Come join administrators Fitz and I as we bring the Daily to Cali, and hopefully leave with syrup. As you know Phish is going to cover a full length album, predictions thus far; Queen’s – Night at the Opera.

New Years holds a few options that I hope fellow authors will consider over the usual Rice Hotel ball and goat fuck. Phish in Miami, Biscuits in New York and Galactic as usual will play a lengthy set at Tipitina’s in New Orleans.

As for tonight, its the Jazz trio, the Bad Plus at the Boulder Theater. Bringing their own style of jazz this band covers hits like Smells like Teen Spirit and Iron Man.

Sip a six, Shackelford.

3 Responses to >On the Horizon

  1. tt says:

    >No Purple Rain or Exile on Main st for Hallo-een

  2. Anonymous says:

    >dave if going to hang himself in the bathroom at a phish show….-al

  3. >I'd be really happy with either of those, are you camping there?

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