>Top two Favorite Rap Albums

>After much thought and digging through my CD collection I have come to realize my top two favorite southern rap CDs of all time. Number 1: Chamillionaire and Paul Wall- Get Ya Mind Correct (Screwed and Chopped by OG Ron C, the Gizzle). This CD is as good today as I first heard it in High school. It has everything; good beats, great flows and choppin. I dig every track on the CD. Favorite song; Grindin. Favorite line from the CD: “Syr Syr Syrup quarter pounders that don’t come with cheese.” (Cham)

Number 3 is still in the air.
To any southern rap fan I would consider these CD madatory. If you need to cop them for free, send me an email.

5 Responses to >Top two Favorite Rap Albums

  1. Anonymous says:

    >This post is offensive. Each album is garbage. They are merely ways to expoit H-Town and what used to be our exclusive culture. "get outta town fast, 5000 watts of skill? 5000 pounds of trash" I think the entire purpose of this page has been compromised as a result.

  2. >Mark stop talkin down on our site just cause you can't join. At least if you wanna talk noise leave your name so we can argue back and show how big a duecher you are.

  3. Willis says:

    >Anonymous bringin' the retentive pent up animosity…Dont hate cause you cant appreciate…Rusty do we need to sit this guy down and have a little chit chat? Im just sayin'.

  4. Baddi B. says:

    >Album number 3 definately needs to be Master P Ghetto D in my book.

  5. Anonymous says:

    >You should really look into Album #3 being Houstons best Big Moe, with that "Purple Stuff"

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