>Kanye West is ruining some of my favorite rap, please stop

>When Baddie B first told us he had the perfect song for me and Big Al, We Don’t Care I thought this West dude was tight. His second CD Late Registration, I thought was decent, the track Gone is great. Graduation was ok, I really like the fact that Kanye found out about electronic music and choose to sample Daft Punk. However since that point I am so tired of this duecher with the mullet.

Case and Point:

1. Little Duwayne
I have dug Weezy F Baby since I heard the Hot Boys back in the day. Tha Carter II, Chopped and Screwed of course, is one of my top three fav rap CDs, this is saying a lot. Some fag decided to tell Duwayne about the vocoder and since Lollipop, he can’t put it down. I blame Kanye, that device is only cool when Peter Frampton or P-Thug from Chromeo use it. Wayne, get back to the nola and the dirty raps I used to like you for.

2. Common
Yall should know how I feel about Common after this post. The work he did with Kanye on Finding Forever was good, I like it. Every part Kanye played in producing Universal Mind Control, blows, as I have stated. They are two different minded MCs and need to stay that way.

3. Clipse
As readers know I am happily awaiting the release of ‘Til the Casket Drops. See HERA. Recently I found out Kanye is going to be producing a track on the CD, I got real mad. Here is the video to that song.

Kanye get the hell out of the stairwell with your tight black tee and Dylan Ray bans. Your flow is weak and your not even in the same league as Pusha T and Malice. You should pay to make a beat for them, by the way this beat is lame.

So Kanye do your own shit and stay away from good rap. What the hell is that backpack for anyway, aint nobody want to see that ya damn fourth grader.
If, for some crazy reason, you do like Kanye I have posted his newest CD for download on this site, just search.

2 Responses to >Kanye West is ruining some of my favorite rap, please stop

  1. Willis says:

    >Rusty, could not agree with you anymore about kanye rubbin' off on my boyeee weezy wee! Its tight when the electro synthesized voice is used on a couple tracks, but every f-ing thing you produce?? Come on! My favorite synthesized track that WEEZY is on is called "Dey Know" by "Shawty Lo"…its the remix that features Weezy, Luda and some more. But Im all about bringing back the old school sound! That uptempo gangsta round the block shit! holla!-Willis

  2. >My sentiments exactly Willis

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