>Common-Universal Mind Control, blows

I have dug Common ever since I first heard him on an early J-Dilla tape. I think he has a great delivery along with socially conscious lyrics. I own almost his whole discography and have never regretted a purchase. I even liked his last release, the over Kanye produced Finding Forever. But this new album really blows.

In his latest release Common steers away from the soulful Dilla composed tracks to more, weakly produced pseudo electro rap. The result sounds like a man out of place. Even the tracks by Pharell who I really dig are laking in what a futuristic rap song should sound like.
I really hate Common’s voice over shitty techno drum beats, and I feel bad writing it but its so damn true. If this is the new-era or direction of Common, please jump ship and turn the fuck around dude. Some of these songs like Sex 4 Sugar really just frustrated me. These beats are so simple and repetitive it pisses me off. The main single Universal Mind Control is aight, its catchy but the only reason it works is cause Pharell made it and spits on it. Common can’t pull this shit on his own.

Common’s lyrics also seem to be lacking their usual weight. One line of his that stuck out was, “Rap is deep like my man Johnny Deep”. That line is weak and it appears on his most intellectually deprived album. He also tries to rap about girls too much, not his bag. I’m all for trying something new but just because you can get Kanye, some shitty synths and lame drum kits doesn’t mean you should. Stick to what ya know.


One Response to >Common-Universal Mind Control, blows

  1. >Sitting here at work, Funky for You, a great common song came on and I was reminded how good he can be. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KosBI0SXP04

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