American born singer, Santigold has been making poppy hits for awhile now. A lot of people put her in the same group as female rapper MIA. I checked her out for a bit at Bonnaroo this year, she seemed to have the crowd rockin, but I had other music to see. This weekend she released a remix CD called Southerngold, in which she remixes and sings on such southern rap classics as International Players Anthem, Still Tippin’, and Kryptonite. Also featured on the CD are Duwayne, Jeezy and Trick Daddy. The remixed beats are pretty good too. For download click Hera.

>Biscuits Chromeo Biscuits

One of the best nights of music at Camp Bisco for me was Friday in which the Disco Biscuits played two sets with Chromeo in between. I knew the Biscuits brought the heat, but I had never seen Chromeo before, the first album of theirs I bought was Fancier Footwork, a double disc which includes a CD of their songs remixed by other producers. They play some of the cheesiest 80’s synth pop around today, and I dig it so much. Thats the point though, they know its a joke. P-Thug and Dave-1 are highly skilled musicians. They also performed great between two Biscuits sets. Here are some photos. Click any photos on the site to enlarge.

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>Kanye West is ruining some of my favorite rap, please stop

>When Baddie B first told us he had the perfect song for me and Big Al, We Don’t Care I thought this West dude was tight. His second CD Late Registration, I thought was decent, the track Gone is great. Graduation was ok, I really like the fact that Kanye found out about electronic music and choose to sample Daft Punk. However since that point I am so tired of this duecher with the mullet.

Case and Point:

1. Little Duwayne
I have dug Weezy F Baby since I heard the Hot Boys back in the day. Tha Carter II, Chopped and Screwed of course, is one of my top three fav rap CDs, this is saying a lot. Some fag decided to tell Duwayne about the vocoder and since Lollipop, he can’t put it down. I blame Kanye, that device is only cool when Peter Frampton or P-Thug from Chromeo use it. Wayne, get back to the nola and the dirty raps I used to like you for.

2. Common
Yall should know how I feel about Common after this post. The work he did with Kanye on Finding Forever was good, I like it. Every part Kanye played in producing Universal Mind Control, blows, as I have stated. They are two different minded MCs and need to stay that way.

3. Clipse
As readers know I am happily awaiting the release of ‘Til the Casket Drops. See HERA. Recently I found out Kanye is going to be producing a track on the CD, I got real mad. Here is the video to that song.

Kanye get the hell out of the stairwell with your tight black tee and Dylan Ray bans. Your flow is weak and your not even in the same league as Pusha T and Malice. You should pay to make a beat for them, by the way this beat is lame.

So Kanye do your own shit and stay away from good rap. What the hell is that backpack for anyway, aint nobody want to see that ya damn fourth grader.
If, for some crazy reason, you do like Kanye I have posted his newest CD for download on this site, just search.

>Perfume M.E.M.P.H.I.S.

>The Disco Biscuits occasionally, not enough, play together as Perfume. Here they play their original songs with the vocals pre-recorded and they rap and/or remix the track. Here is a badass version of MEMPHIS they played this weekend at Camp Bisco. Sorry the video I took wasn’t longer.

>Colorado Biscuits Rep Hard


(Click all photos to enlarge)
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>Dirty Fucking Sweet – Bonnaroo ’09

If you haven’t heard Dirty Sweet yet you need to check them out right the fuck now. They are a five piece band out of San Diego and in my opinion one of the best rock bands touring today. The energy and presence they bring to a stage is lacking from most rock and roll groups of today.

On Friday June 12th they played the Bonnaroo music festival in Tennessee and killed it. Front man vocalist Ryan Koontz has the energy and talent of a young Robert Plant. He is constantly moving across the stage; singing, dancing and playing the tambourine. Guitarist Nathan Beale rips the wide bodied Gibson, watching him trade off solos was impressive. Drummer Chris Mendez-Vanacore holds it down on the skins like a true rock and roll drummer. Besides looking like John Bonham, he plays just as well.

They played a good mix of old and new songs, including crowd favorite Delilah. The highlight for me was a track called Please Beware. This song and band for that matter epitomize what a real rock and roll band should be. It is off their new album American Spiritual coming out this fall. During one of the final songs Ryan came into the crowd and sang with the crew.

They encored with a nice version of Red River, which they broke down and really worked out. Each musician took a solo or two as Chris held it steady on the drums. Easily one of the best shows I saw at Bonnaroo. I only wish every concert could get this rowdy.

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Daily Administrators and agents Shackleford and AK

Check out this video of Delilah from the show.

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(Images and video by Hannah Ruff)

>Common-Universal Mind Control, blows

I have dug Common ever since I first heard him on an early J-Dilla tape. I think he has a great delivery along with socially conscious lyrics. I own almost his whole discography and have never regretted a purchase. I even liked his last release, the over Kanye produced Finding Forever. But this new album really blows.

In his latest release Common steers away from the soulful Dilla composed tracks to more, weakly produced pseudo electro rap. The result sounds like a man out of place. Even the tracks by Pharell who I really dig are laking in what a futuristic rap song should sound like.
I really hate Common’s voice over shitty techno drum beats, and I feel bad writing it but its so damn true. If this is the new-era or direction of Common, please jump ship and turn the fuck around dude. Some of these songs like Sex 4 Sugar really just frustrated me. These beats are so simple and repetitive it pisses me off. The main single Universal Mind Control is aight, its catchy but the only reason it works is cause Pharell made it and spits on it. Common can’t pull this shit on his own.

Common’s lyrics also seem to be lacking their usual weight. One line of his that stuck out was, “Rap is deep like my man Johnny Deep”. That line is weak and it appears on his most intellectually deprived album. He also tries to rap about girls too much, not his bag. I’m all for trying something new but just because you can get Kanye, some shitty synths and lame drum kits doesn’t mean you should. Stick to what ya know.


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