>Thompson-Boling Arena, Knoxville, TN 6-10-09

Runaway Jim
Punch You in the Eye
Train Song
Mike’s Song >
I Am Hydrogen >
Weekapaug Groove
The Squirming Coil
Character Zero
Back On The Train
Waves >
A Song I Heard The Ocean Sing >
David Bowie
Army Of One
Hello My Baby
Julius >
Cavern >
Harry Hood


Walking around the UT campus with a bottle of beer in my hand on the way to the lot, I knew this was going to be a lot of fun. We stumble upon the five story park garage to see the epitome of a lot scene. Each floor a different variety of ya bidness.

We start to head in to the arena, which is were all UT basketball games are played. The bitch is packed, as we walk in people are pleading to sell their tickets just so they can go in. “Please take my ticket 5 bucks I just want to go in.” We had unfortunately bought them for $40 the day before, still worth it.

As we find our seats in this massive arena me and Josh try to buy a beer. To our dismay its a fucking dry campus even though I had bough 4 dank colorado beers from a dude in the parking lot. Oh well. We find our seat and roll up.

Phish come out to a screaming crowd covered in lights. They immediately bust into Runaway Jim, sweet. I was instantly amazed with the sound quality. I had recently seen the Dead at the Pepsi Center (Set-list and Download Hera) in Denver and was in a similar seat to these. Upper nosebleeds about even with the stage, sideways. The sound at the Dead blew nut sacks, lots. Horrible feedback and acoustics. For about 20 minutes during Space, which they played twice, there was a reverberating echo, caused by a unplugged chord on stage. Really hurt my ears. I would normally hear the crowd before I heard Bobby or Walrus sing. If I hear one more soul-shine I will assassinate him. That show blew and I really like that Dead, but onto Phish.

They killed it, next song Punch You in the Eye, one of my all-time favorite bangers. I was going nuts, also because as we were sitting at Bijan’s house hours before I had said I would love to see a punch tonight. Then a new one, a slow one and into Mike’s Groove. They sounded so good throughout the set, everyone was on point, hitting changes perfectly.
Right before set break they played Character Zero, another one of my personal favorites. I didn’t take this video but our seats were in the same area.

Set two starts and they come back out to a very hyped crowd. Busted out back on the train. Good song slow but good, The lyrics are interesting, read them hera. It made me think of how it took me awhile to get back on the train and in the show seeing/touring mood. Also how phish as a band is back on the train after a break, and shit they are good. I heard that they were taking a break cause their shows were getting mundane and lackluster. Well they sure came back with the idea that if your going to tour and play shows do it right. Damn it was good.

Set two continues wonderfully, busted out David Bowie which is one of homie Josh’s favorites. Reba was sweet.

Encore, hell yeah. I have always dug Phish’s cover of Edgar Winter’s Frankenstein (video hera) and was discussing that earlier that day. When I saw Paige bust out the Keytair I knew we were in for something funky, needless to say they did not disappoint. Fuck yeah, greatest show I had seen in a long fucking time. Until…

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