>The Phabulous Fox 6-16-09



  • Kill Devil Falls
  • Ocelot
  • Brian And Robert
  • Sample In A Jar
  • Rift
  • Yamar
  • Reba
  • Train Song
  • Horn
  • Possum
  • Slave To The Traffic Light


  • Halley’s Comet >
  • Runaway Jim
  • Frankie Says
  • Time Turns Elastic
  • Sleep
  • Mike’s Song >
  • I Am Hydrogen >
  • Weekapaug Groove
  • Boogie On Reggae Woman
  • Character Zero


  • The Star-Spangled Banner
  • McGrupp And The Watchful Hosemasters
  • While My Guitar Gently Weeps

So we left bonnaroo, were heading back towards CO. (By the way I had never missed Colorado so much as on this trip. The humidity of Tenn almost killed me.) Anyway, we had acquired our boy Adam in the crew, he was now driving me and Josh to St. Louis cause he had a ticket to see phish there on wed and it was on our was back to CO. We got there and ate sushi, got a hotel. Plan for tomorrow was to see if we could find me and Josh a ticket. It was sure easy in Knoxville, cause it was at a 24,500 person venue people were trying to give them away. This was a 4,278 person venue, had sold out in 10 min and tickets were not floating around.

But there was a tight late night supposed to happen with Conspirator, great collaboration project featuring Brownie and Aron from Disco Biscuits on bass and keys respectively, Lang from Pnuma Trio on drums and Murph from sts9 on effects and such. So if we didn’t find a ticket i was down to see that and stick around the shitty town of St. Louis. (Coming soon a separate article on how much the town of st. louis blows nuts.) Then after lunch we heard the Conspirator late night got cancelled due to poor promotion. Duechers.

So the plan turned to hop on I-70 and head back home. Well we went to the fox theater anyway to scope the scene and try and buy tickets and drop Adam off. We get there around 3 or 4, the doors for the show opened at 7:30 show at 8. So we starting looking for tickets to buy. We see so many people with fingers in the air, trying to buy. Nobody selling tickets. Knoxville was the direct opposite. We look everywhere, circle the block scope the lots. No dice, cheapest thing we heard was $500 and $600. Tickets were $50 when they went on sale. Me and Josh wont pay more than $100 at the moment. We continue looking, scalpers don’t even have them, they are trying to buy them just to flip for profit.

We find some dude from Hawaii with one extra. He wants $200 and some of COs finest. We try and haggle, no dice. We continue looking. Its getting late. So we are now in front of the fox, fingers in the air trying to buy, its 7:45. Saw some cute chick with a sign that read “My box for your fox.” I told her “Girl, if I had a ticket you’d already be in.” Also saw a; my back door for your front door. Girl was not so cute.

We continue waiting, spirits are low. Some dude walks right up to Josh looks him in the eye and says; “Do you want a ticket for face?” Jaws drop! (see picture) Josh hands this guy a $50 and he reaches for 50 cents change (no joke, he paid $49.50 and was offering the change back.) No need.

(The Face Value Salesman and Josh aka Pancakes)

So he has a ticket, my plan now is to head back to the hotel room and chill if I can’t find one, let pancakes see the show. A few minutes later a guy walks up to me, “what are you trying to Pay?” I told him I could only do around $100 my boy just got one for face, if i don’t i’m headed back to the hotel. Josh walks up we tell the dude our situation, from CO and what not, He is saying you know i had a chance to sell this for $500 around the corner. I show him the cash i got on me, $100, he says alright give me 20 more and we’ll call it even. Dice. hands me a ticket my jaw now drops. Biggest mood change of my life. We run back to the car, grab the gear and run back into the fox.

By far the prettiest venue I have ever been in the artwork on the walls and celling was so intricate and amazing. Very nice, we walk to our seats meet up with adam who is baffled that we got in much more at what we paid. Sit down so pleased. SO happy we continued to try for that long, worth it.

Phish come out, we are so close so close, 15 rows back from Phishman, Ye ah. Play a couple of new tracks, I really like Kill Devil Falls. Brian and Robert (video has bad sound) was cool, a slow one but I have always enjoyed it. Every song after that in the first set was just awesome, so on point. the Rift raged it, reba was better this time around musically. Horn is a hidden banger, not a well known song but I love the guitar solo. Ended with Slave to the Traffic Light, sweet, cant wait till set two.

They came out with a tight vocal warm up for Halley’s comet, sounded great, when they first drop the beat at that song it gets dirty, dub style. Time turns elastic blows, everyone got real mad when they played this song. I went to the bathroom and to get a beer, while in the bathroom a dude comes in yelling, “Fucking Time turns elastic really? I fucking hate this!” I did not end up getting a beer cause damn St. Louis shut down refreshments at 9:30 beer, water everything. This will be explained more in the st. louis blows Article.

Sleep was cool, used to play that on guitar a lot. Another good mikes groove with the slap bass for weekapaug, real funky. The jam out of weekapaug was so funky it seemed natural that i started to recognize the keys from Stevie Wonder’s Boogie on Reggae Woman. Yes Yes, I was so thrilled probably my second favorite phish cover. Always a party. They played it well too Paige was raging the ivories. Didn’t mind the Character Zero again, many did.

For the encore they came out all stood at the front and harmonized The Star Spangeled Banner. Interesting? Then into Adams favorite McGrupp and encored with George Harrison’s While my Guitar Gently Weeps. I’ve always been a huge Beatle’s and Clapton fan. This song rocks, perfect encore choice. Guitar solo on point as usual.

After that, we were standing around our seats, just amazed, homeboy who sold me the ticket walks up, “How ya like it?” I shook his hand and thanked him profusely. Now we were let lose on the lame streets of St. Louis. Tried to go gamble in the casino but pancakes got denied with his legit ID. bullshit town.

We ran into a lot of good fortune meeting those two dudes. People who actually want to sell thier ticket at face value so someone like us can enjoy that show. Rather than make a $450 profit which he easily could have. It was his 118th phish show. Good fucking guy. Thanks

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