>Sunday Night Phish 6-14-09



  • AC/DC Bag
  • NICU
  • Gotta Jibboo
  • Punch You in the Eye >
  • Sparkle >
  • Bathtub Gin
  • Character Zero >
  • Tweezer >
  • The Horse >
  • Silent in the Morning
  • Run Like An Antelope
  • Mustang Sally
  • Bobby Jean >
  • Glory Days


  • Roll and Roll >
  • Light >
  • 46 Days
  • Limb By Limb
  • Farmhouse
  • Backwards Down the Number Line >
  • Prince Caspian
  • First Tube


  • Suzy Greenberg >
  • Tweezer Reprise

Sunday Night Phish, last show of bonnaroo. Party Time.
Came out with AC/DC Bag a great one. Playing and sounding on point. NICU always a banger. Througout these shows and what not I heard a lot of nit picking and complaining on the part of phish fans, many complained about repeats and song selection. I was by no means dismayed to see Punch you in the Eye again always fun. Same thought for Character zero which was soon to follow and I ended up seeing three times in four shows, no complaints from me on that one.

Tweezer was badass. Into Tim’s lady The Horse. Haha. After Run like an antelope Trey got on the mike and started talking. I thought we were about to get a long story into Cornel forbins or something. Something to the effect of (When I was a kid I went to my first show, I had such a great time the music was great it sounded awesome, I thought every show I would go to would be that good, unfortunately that was not the case. The man who I went to see was none other than The boss Bruce Springstein) The crowd erupted with cheers of BRUUUUU ce. I knew he was at bonnaroo and that Trey was a fan of his but i did not see this one coming. I was hoping for a David Buryne appearance with Crosseyed and Painless. But the boss wrecked shop with Phish.

Mustang sally was sweet, they were reallying playing well together. Trey and Bruce trading off solos on the guitar, sweet. Glory Days was fucking awesome. I loved watching him get down with phish.

Set Two: The worst set I saw. Not to hate but its true. I really did enjoy the Rock and Roll cover, cause I do like the Velvet Underground a bunch. But in general the feel of the second set was much more docile, jams didnt go as far and no bangers Until First tube. Encore break, then good ones. Suzy Greenberg was great, my boy Adam called the Tweezer Reprise and I was pumped. Good ender, back to the camp site to pound Coors.

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