>Phish Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival, Manchester, TN Friday 6-12-09


  • Chalk Dust Torture
  • Stealing Time From The Faulty Plan
  • The Divided Sky
  • Possum
  • Down With Disease
  • Alaska
  • Stash
  • Golgi Appartus
  • Wolfman’s Brother
  • Poor Heart
  • Kill Devil Falls >
  • Free
  • Wading In The Velvet Sea
  • Harry Hood >
  • Highway To Hell >
  • 2001 >
  • You Enjou Myself >
  • Wilson >
  • You Enjoy Myself

  • ENCORE: 
  • A Day In the Life

SO posted up at Bonnaroo for Phish round two, we had been staking a claim all day against the upper guard rail. Waiting, Where ya been… waiting. Beastie Boys played on the same stage right before phish and they really got the crowd into it. I had never seen them before, turns out these kids still got it. Mix master Mike was in the back spinnin records and the three others dudes would rap, and play their instruments. It was really tight to see live drums, keys and a standup bass at a beasties show, did not expect that. They were good, wish they played a bit more of their album the mix-up, link hera, encored with Sabotage and I was pumped for phish now.

They came out to the largest crowd I had seen in years. A Chalk Dust Torture? Awesome, glow sticks started flying. NO joke I had never seen such good and numerous glow stick wars in all my life. Bonnarro, security the next day attempted to not allow them into the stage area. No dice, the girls we were with hide them up the skirt.
Divided sky had a coordinated war, awesome. People at this show knew when to throw mass amounts, when the note or jam peaks.

Show continued, they were playing great, but i could tell they were getting drunk or something cause they missed a bit more notes than knoxville. Not hatting I could just tell they were having a lot of fun, still sounded great. Wolfman’s was a highlight for me, always wanted to see that one live. Waiting in the Velvet Sea seemed out of place, way too slow for a late night phish set, too slow, had to roll up. Harry was great more good glow wars. And then it got awesome.

Highway to Hell cover, yes! They rocked this one out, Trey sounded great on the vocals, I was so surprised to hear that song, crowd ate it up. Then, ha Then. My absolute favorite Phish song 2001. I can vividly remember sophomore year of high school watching the DVD bittersweet motel in big Al’s room. When this song came on we got up and started dancing around, no more needs to be said. It was fucking awesome live, so so good. By far my favorite moment of bonnaroo right there, had a fucking blast.

Double YEMs Ye ah. They were great, such a complex song to play, I found myself watching phishman on the drums the whole song. Even though we were Page Side Rage Side. A Day in the Life encore was epic. Great Beatles cover the lights during this song…damn. Not enough room on the blog.

After this show we walked over to Pretty Lights playing at the other tent to shake some ass with some ladies. Always a party at those shows. Video Hera, check out some of the others there. 

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